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Showing all 10 results

The derma-Rx skincare range was created to address all types of skin needs – from normal and dry skin all the way to sensitive and Oily Combination Acne-prone (OCAP) skin types.

Each product is packed with the right blend and concentration of premium ingredients to deliver maximum efficacy at an accessible price and optimal skin results.

(1) Start at the beginning: Examination.
An unknown problem cannot be solved,
neither could a solution be ascertained without knowing its cause(s).

(2) Every skin is as different as the person it’s on.
Personalization (by protocols) is the only way to optimized and successful treatment.

(3) There is no such thing as one hero product that does it all.
Practicing a skincare Regimen with ordinary products
is better than haphazard use of one or few purportedly good products in isolation.

We Deliver Expectable Results through:

(1) Accurate diagnosis of skin condition/concerns;

(2) Qualified supervision through course of treatment; and

(3) Sound regimen* based on safe and efficacious products;

(i) Super actives @ functional dose;

• Actives & Dosage are critical factors to meeting efficacy goals.

• Quality over Cost; medically-led, evidence-based approach to selecting
high quality raw materials from reputable sources.

• Re-concentrate to ensure safe but quick and significant effects.

(ii) Safe, stable and optimized formulation;

• Formulated for metropolitan skin, designed to counter city-living stressors;

• Innovative system, delivery mechanism to resolutely produce maximum mileage from use.

• Rigorously tested to be safe and free from derma-Rx's list of harmful agents,
eg fragrance, artificial color, SLS/SLES, formaldehyde, phthalates, etc.

(iii) Practical premium-quality packaging;

• Good packaging means reliability of lasting the volume and beyond.

• Function over Form; material, construction and tamper prevention to
preserve integrity and optimize stability of its contents; and

• Airless, antioxidant engineering; double-walled, twist-lock pump
to prevent accidental actuation; auto-retracting nozzle against mucky residue.

(4) *3-Step: Cleanse, Correct & Protect
// Skin Barrier, Skin Microbiome & Skin Immunity (Skinflammaging).

(i) Step-1:
Start with Cleanse & Condition for hygiene and good skin health.
Restores skin pH balance, microbiome and hydration level;
prepare the skin for corrective and enhancement skincare.

(ii) Step-2:
Correct skin conditions and concerns,
eg acne, hyperpigmentation, aging symptoms and other mild skin ailments from dull, tired looking skin. Includes catalysts, maintenance measures to upkeep a youthful, glowing skin complexion.

(iii) Step-3:
Finish the protocol with Protect the skin and prevent degradation from external and internal stressors, eg pollution, chemicals, stress, diet and other lifestyle causes.

derma-Rx is a comprehensive skincare system specially designed to address different skin needs.

Every skincare solution is carefully considered and formulated, combining evidence-led dermatological science and innovative ingredient technology for advanced skincare formulas that deliver visible results that last.